Last Call! November

Last Call

For those of you that may be interested in accumulating as much useless information as I am. Make a mental note of the following: New issues must be placed before the end of the month, two months prior to the month they come out.


At the end of November we will be placing our order for items to be received in January.

-Why didn’t you just say that?


I do what I want.

Now that we got the educational part out of the way, lets move on to the fun stuff. With many publishers switching to shorter story sets there is a lot to keep up on.

A lot.

So at the end of November we will be ordering some new story lines to replace those on our shelves that have ended. Since many titles can either be reordered at a later time, or if popularity demands it trade paper backs will be printed.

This post is specifically for new stories coming out so you can start with number one and make all your friends envious.

So in no particular order:

Marvel’s Deadpool Duck

Deadpool DuckThis is a 5 issue mini series that was announced at a con last month. All we can tell you for sure is there will be Deadpool and Howard the Duck. Whether they will be one character or two, we are sad to say, we were not included in any fancy pants details.

But Deadpool so enough said


The Unstoppable Wasp

WaspNadia Pym is the Unstoppable Wasp. We don’t know how, or why. We will have to read the story just like everybody else.




Image Comics

God Country

God CountryImagine your pops is a lonely old widower rattled with dementia. He’s a handful for everyone, his family… local authorities. Then one day a tornado destroys his home and most of the town he lives in. However, in the eye of the storm was an enchanted sword. It heals his body and mind and now your pappy sets off an adventure to face the otherworldly creatures also brought down in the storm.

You had me at giant ass sword!

The Few

FewAlso an Image release The Few, in a dystopian future two survivalist brothers stumble across a sleeping woman in the woods, holding nothing but a gun and a baby wearing a gas mask.

As they embark on their journey to help the woman, they face the everyday challenges of their world.


DC Comics

KamandiDC is starting The Kamandi Challenge. This is a 12 issue series following the fan favorite Kamandi. Created by Jack Kirby it is the story of a young man who wanders post Apocalyptic Earth in search for an Abercrombie & Fitch to pick up a shirt <—- complete fabrication on my part. We don’t really know what adventures he is in store for, you’ll have to read it and let us know.

Various One Shots

As part of the Rebirth DC is releasing one shots for The Atom, Vixen, The Ray, and Killer Frost!

Atom Vixen Ray Killer Frost





Zenescope Comics

grimmGrimm Fairy Tales is being relaunched.  Skye Mathers has taken over her mother’s responsibilities as the Guardian of the Nexus.  Zenescope says the new stories will follow existing cannon and will appeal to either new or existing fans.



If any of these titles strike your fancy please let us know prior to skipping town for your Holiday travels. If your New Years resolution involves reading more(as it should).  Let us know! And as always, just because we didn’t mention it here doesn’t mean we can’t order it for you.

-Love and Kisses,



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