Last Call! January

January catalog peek! Here we will feature some books that we think you might be interested in. You know, to save you the time of perusing the 700 page catalog. Clicking the links will take you to the previews catalog, if you wish to read more about the stories. As always, if any of these spark your interest, let us know, we will order it for you.

Aftershock Comics

Animosity Volume 1

(TPB) Collects issues 1-4. Rated Mature

The story of a little girl Jessie and her pup Sandor on a cross country adventure from NY to San Francisco to find her brother in hopes he will offer her protection from a world where animals have not only woken up, they have begun talking, and killing humans. Sandor doesn’t see Jessie as a captor, he love s her, and is determined to keep her out of harms way. Animosity Vol. 1

Boom Studios

Grass Kings

Welcome to the sm all village of squatters. Weirdos, misfits, and colorful characters that live off the grid and outside the circles of what society considers “normal”. The makeshift town is looked down upon by its neighbors who consider the village a town of criminals. More details here: Grass Kings

Dark Horse

American Gods

Shadow Moon has just gotten out of prison to learn his wife has passed away. Feeling deflated and lost, he takes a job for a shadowy gentleman who goes by Mr. Wednesday and finds himself thrust into a supernatural world where a war is brewing between the old and new gods. Written by Neil Gaiman and will soon be a show on Starz. American Gods

Dynamite Comics

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys The Big Lie

The Hardy Boys are accused of killing their father. They enlist the help of Nancy Drew who is described as a “fem fetale” to help prove their innocence. Hardy Boys




Was this show your favorite guilty pleasure? Do you miss getting your weekly fix? Charmed is coming back in comic form and now is the chance to start the newest chapter from issue #1. Coincidentally, as I type this I see twitter is aflutter with the rumor a prequel may be in the works. Charmed

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