Magic The Gathering
Magic The Gathering

We have the newest sets according to their release schedule.  To be notified as soon as the newest sets are available follow us on social media!

We also have a large collection of pre-owned cards.  Pre-Owned cards are sold individually.   Whether you are a casual or professional player, you will enjoy our large and varied selection.

Commons, Uncommons & Lands 10 for $1
Commons, Uncommons & Lands 10 for $1

Gaming Supplies

Deck boxes
Deck lockers
Deck Guards
Storage Boxes
Spindown counters

Come out and PLAY!

~All Prize pools are based on the number of participants~

Sundays game begins at 2pm.  Standard Swiss.  $5 registration.

Thursdays game begins at 6 pm. Commander (EDH) format.  $5 registration.

Fridays game begins at 6 pm.  Standard Swiss. $5 registration.

Beginning October 8th through December 24th Sundays game will be SHOWDOWN SUNDAYS!

Showdown prize pack is a four pack of random standard cards.  Players will also receive DOUBLE the Planeswalker points.

For additional Information please visit Magics Website.



September 23rd & 24th at 2pm.

Pre-Registration begins September 13th

Ixalan Open House Saturday September 16th 2 pm.  Learn to play or help mentor new players.  All participants receive a Walk the Plank Promotional card.
Hour of Devastation GAME DAY Sunday August 6th.
2 P.M

Saturdays drafts will recommence once the next set comes out.


All weekend long July 15th & 16th at 2 pm

Feel free to join our Facebook group for Magic players.

Call us with any questions.

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